We Are Here Forever: Webcomic


We Are Here Forever is an ongoing webcomic about purple creatures living on Earth. Where did the humans go? No one knows, but the Puramus have taken their place.

The webcomic started in late 2016 and is still ongoing.


The webcomic features multiple stories about the Puramus and their time on Earth. In each chapter, the reader will learn a little bit more about the creatures and what happened. Each story is different and skips through time, introducing different characters and their significance on Earth.

Here are some pages from the webcomic:

The Old World , from Year 147: King

The Old World, from Year 147: King

Horrible Dang Poetry , from Year 628: Bells

Horrible Dang Poetry, from Year 628: Bells

Gather Those Good Things! , from Year ???: Reach

Gather Those Good Things!, from Year ???: Reach

Two Fools, from Year 2: Protect

Two Fools, from Year 2: Protect

Let’s Call the President , from Year 792: Build

Let’s Call the President, from Year 792: Build

In 2017, the chapter Year 147: King was printed into a mini comic. Readers preordered the book and it was later sold at conventions.